Components of a 3D printer you should know

by Josefa Reed
3D printer

The 3D printer is a very compact and intricate piece of electrical equipment. This equipment is made of unique parts that allow it to produce three-dimensional hardcopies through the additive manufacturing process. Let us explore further into some of the significant parts of the 3D printer.

Parts of a 3D printer.

  • Controller Board.

The 3D printer motherboard, also known as the controller board or the motion controller is an essential part of a 3D printer. It serves the purpose of the CPU to a desktop and a control panel to a mobile device. This controller board performs extensive functions on the 3D printer, and without it, the equipment will not function at full capacity if it will function at all. The controller board manages the printer’s core operations, regulates the equipment temperature, controls the printer’s motion components, decodes information from sensors, and is responsible for the general processing of all commands sent to the printer. Without the controller board, a 3D printer is next to useless. Types of controller boards include the 8-bit motherboard and the 32- bit motherboard, both of which have their respective pros and cons.

  • Motion components

The motion components are mostly the labor force of any 3D printer. They are the parts of the equipment responsible for moving the print head and the print bed in the three-dimensional axes. In one simple sentence, the controller board gives commands while the motion components carry them out.

  • Filaments

These are the special thermoplastics that function as ink for 3D printers. Because of the unique nature of 3D printing, the regular inkjet used for 2D printers is useless and, therefore, the need for 3D filaments. These filaments are heated up by the 3D printer and then slowly dispensed to create solid prints. The best 3D filaments on the market are Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and Polylactic Acid (PLA).

  • Frame

This refers specifically to the bodywork of your printer. The frame of your equipment will determine how stable it will be and how long it will last. The best frames for 3D printers are metal frames because they offer sturdier and more balanced support. Suitable 3D printers have an enclosed structure that prevents it from dust and other unwanted foreign objects.

  • Power supply unit

A 3D printer is an electrical equipment, and it needs the power to function. The Power supply unit provides electricity for all the printing functions of this equipment. The stronger the PSU, the better the quality of your prints.

  • Stepper motors

The stepper motors are responsible for driving the print head, the print head and the threaded rods of a 3D printer. This vital component is controlled by the stepper drivers and is the key to the mechanical movement of the three axes.

These are the major components of a 3D printer. However, it is important to note that these are not all the parts of a 3D printer and the others are just as necessary as the ones above. Other components of a 3D printer include the threaded rods, print bed surface, print head, feeder system, dual extrusion, user interface, end steps, belts, file transfer options, and so much more.

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