Integrating the DC Contactor and Switchgear Breakers into a Safety Net

by Josefa Reed

A contactor and switch breaker are two primary devices used in various process industries. Electric circuit breakers are often tipped for different reasons, such as hazard prevention as well as mitigation. In this article, you will grasp more knowledge about the applications of tripping electrical breakers for a variety of process and safety measures not just in homes but in the commercial sector.

The integration of a contactor in business usually occurs when a risk assessment examination has been pre-determined, and there is a need to incorporate the actual shutdown of a viably larger motor as a safety instrumental function.

In this case, in several sectors, it has become a common practice to be in a position to control as well as protect immense horsepower motors, with a medium voltage breaker for switchgear.

Safety instrumented function, which includes motors that utilize the switchgear in tripping, have specially designed element subsystems, which need specialized knowledge to implement correctly.

There are safety functions that need to be considered when integrating medium-voltage switchgear utilized in the processes of shutting down an electric motor during a safety instrumented function.  

But first, an overview of a low to medium-voltage equipment utilized for the outstanding as well as protecting electric motors shall be discussed in the next segment of this blog post.

A review of the process of integrating a contactor and switchgear breaker into safety reveals that switchgear failures are pretty rare. However, when they occur, you will realize that the results are going to be pretty much catastrophic.  

Well, in that case, the ideal example of oil-filled switchgear, coupled with burning oil as well as gas may be ejected, thereby, causing death. It can also cause death or injury to the people nearby.

Significant damage can also be caused to buildings and other surrounding equipment. Switchgear and contactor using the SF6 gas present additional risks that must be controlled by all means.  

Failures can occur during a switchgear operation. Following how the machine is operated, its condition, coupled with the terms found within the electrical system when operating, will determine its safety during operation.

Requirements of The Law

According to the management of Health as well as the Safety Department at work, there needs to be a high safety observation at work, especially where contactors and switchgear are applicable.

The HSW Act additionally places duties on the designers and manufacturers of this switchgear and DC contactors.  

The 7 Older switchgear and contactor can contain parts manufactured from different asbestos materials.

Therefore, the control of the asbestos through regulations is subjected on the people responsible for the maintenance of contactors and switchgear.

This entails the responsibility of determining if asbestos is present in the devices so that other prospect users are made aware of the impending risks before taking action.

Insight needs to be sought from the equipment supplier of the contactor.

Over and above, the safety instrumented function comprises a sensor, nal element, as well as a logic solver.

Final Thoughts

This article is provided for primarily educational purposes. For every application, the motor contactor comes with the primary component of the element subsystem. This means that if there is a failure in the mode of operation, safety will be breached.

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