How Is Wall Putty Manufactured In The Factory

by Josefa Reed

Wall putty is pine powder manufactured using white cement. Its primary purpose is to even out the surface of a wall and level it out to be painted. The product is also used to fill minor cracks and pores to remove undulation on a wall surface. Most people apply putty on their walls as a primary step for ensuring long-lasting results for their paint works. The wall putty manufacturing process is vital because it affects the qualities of the wall putty. For this reason, we will be discussing wall putty manufacturing below.

The process of manufacturing wall putty

The process of making wall putty is quite simple. It does not involve a lot of technicalities, and it can be done in a few steps. Below is a step by step guide for manufacturing wall putty;

1. Collecting the raw materials

The first step of manufacturing wall putty is collecting the raw materials. This is the most challenging part of the entire process. This is because all the raw materials have to be checked to ensure they meet the required specifications. Some of these specifications include the weight. All the raw materials have to be weighed to ensure that the appropriate quantity is applied. The primary raw materials for making wall putty are:

  • White cement
  • Minerals
  • Polymer

2. Mixing

After gathering and ensuring that all the ingredients meet the required specifications, the second step is to mix the products. Before the products are combined, they must be weighed to ensure that the right amounts and combinations are applied.

Note that failure to do this will significantly affect the outcome of the process. While mixing, all the ingredients are placed inside a large machine known as the sigma blade mixer. Inside the device, the products are blended for half an hour. Once the procedure is complete, you have to tilt the machine to remove its contents into a cart. At this point, you will notice that the product is sticky.

3. Cutting

After getting the sticky product out of the sigma blade mixer, you have to cut it into small pieces (basketball-sized). You do not need a machine for this step. Once you have completed the cutting process, you can feed the pieces into the hoppers of another device. The machine is usually used to cut the putty into smaller pieces. The pieces are then placed into a conveyor belt for packaging.

How is wall putty packaged?

There are two steps for packaging the wall putty. First, the products are placed inside a plastic egg. The egg is later conveyed into a blister carding machine which puts it into a blister card (cardboard). From there, the putty is vacuum-sealed and sent out.

Final word

The process described above has to be done in a factory because of the machinery required. However, you can also make wall putty at home for simple tasks. If you choose to do this, you will have to research a manual or instructions for making homemade wall putty. However, it is always easier to purchase factory-manufactured wall putty.

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