How Shot Blasting Can Be Beneficial in Surface Preparation and Rust Removal?

by Josefa Reed
Shot Blasting Machine

Not many people know about shot blasting, shot blasting machines, and brands such as Mesblate. Most people that are familiar with them are metal workers, engineers, businessmen, or investors.

If you haven’t heard about shot blasting, don’t worry. Majority of the people haven’t heard about it and that’s okay. 

Shot blasting is perhaps one of those under-the-radar flying industries, which is important. In this article, we will explain why it is so important and some of the benefits of shot blasting in the process of surface removal and surface preparation.

Now, for the second time, you might be asking yourself, why should I care for “trivial” matters like rust removal and surface preparation? Don’t they have fancy lasers that can do such stuff?

Well, lasers are not quite there yet and they don’t even come close to the efficiency of shot blasting.

Shot blasting should be important to you because it is the most environment-friendly rust removal and surface preparation method, by far. There are no byproducts as everything is 100% recyclable and can be reused. That’s not the case for its competing technologies.

Shot blasting is a relatively anonymous industry because it serves other businesses and industries, and can’t offer anything to direct consumers.

Nowadays, shot blasting is leveraged by almost any industry that relies on metal – automotive, railways, construction, shipbuilding, foundry, aerospace, and so on.

As far as the competition such as laser rust removal and laser surface cleaning are concerned, that’s far from the efficiency of shot blasting. Laser rust removal may look out of this world on social media, YouTube, and promotional videos. However, when you call those companies and ask about their services you will learn how expensive and how less efficient their process is. 

Advantages of Shot Blasting

The following list of shot blasting advantages that should be more than enough to educate you about the many advantages of shot blasting.

Efficient Corrosion Removal

There is no rust or corrosion that can’t be removed with shot blasting. Plus, shot blasting can be used to remove mill scale, faded paint, chemical stains, etc. That makes shot removal both effective and widely applicable.

100% Environment Friendly

When it comes to both surface preparation and corrosion removal, there isn’t a more environmentally friendly method. This is why.

  • No chemicals or acids are used in the process.
  • All of the dust is swept by powerful dust collection systems.
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • The only leftovers are physical pellets that can be reused. 

Highly Efficient Surface Preparation 

Shot blasting is considered as the most effective and efficient surface preparation method. In this regard, shot blasting leads to:

  • A stronger bond between the protective coating and the blasted surface
  • Improved endurance of the new coating
  • Increased lifespan of the metal part or fixture
  • Shot blasting can detect any surface flaws. 

In Conclusion

Now you know why manufacturers and machine engineers appreciate the process of shot blasting so much. From the look of things, it is a process that will remain relevant and in-demand in the future as the other technologies can’t compete with its efficiency. 

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