What Is The Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine Features?

by Josefa Reed

The shrink sleeve labeling machine is popular in beverage, furniture, medicine, food, daily chemical, petrochemical, and many other industries. It is essential to provide labels that act as unique identifiers. Additionally, the sleeve labeling machine can label packaging boxes, packaging containers, and products. It is made of stainless steel, which protects the device from rusting quickly and makes storage better. Apart from the stainless steel, the machine also has other features that guarantee its efficiency. Below are seven characteristics of a shrink sleeve labeling machine.

Seven features of a shrink sleeve labeling machine

1. Waterproof

The current technological innovations in the machine ensure that it is waterproof. The technology used is the SUS 304. Therefore, the chances of the machine rusting are limited. Thus, the waterproof nature of the device plays a significant role in its durability for an extended period.

2. Versatile

The shrink sleeve labeling machine is versatile. It can be used on various bottles such as square bottle labeling, round bottle labeling, curve bottle labeling, flat bottle labeling, cup labeling, and many more. Its versatility ensures that the machine is an excellent once-in-a-lifetime investment. It ensures that you do not incur extra costs of purchasing different labeling machines for different bottles.

3. Stable

Stability is crucial in a shrink sleeve labeling machine, especially if you wish to work on several pieces. It is equipped with one positioned center pillar that guarantees stability. An unstable shrink sleeve labeling machine can be challenging to handle. It can also be time-consuming as you would spend time adjusting it to a more workable position. Thus, the stability offered by the labeling machine ensures smooth operations take place.

4. Brush unit positioning

Apart from the center pillar, the positioning of the brush unit is also significant. Thus, the proper position for the brush unit in readiness for bottle labeling is substantial. It ensures that the bottle is held in place and ready for labeling. Thus, position plays a crucial role in how well the machine will perform its duties effectively.

5. Bottle diameter

One of the best advantages of the shrink sleeve labeling machine is that you can customize it to fit the diameter of a bottle. Standard bottle diameters can range from 25-125mm. But the size of the diameter is not limited. Therefore, no matter the size of your bottle, the machine can work around it and ensure that proper labeling takes place.

6. Labeling material

The labeling materials used by the shrink sleeve labeling machine can work on include; OPS, PVC, PET. The materials are the standard materials that bottles are manufactured. Therefore, the device ensures that you do not luck out of labeling the standard bottles.

7. Easy to operate

The labeling machine is easy to operate. Therefore, if you carefully read the user manual and conduct some research on your own, you can easily operate the machine without the help of an expert.


Each shrink sleeve labeling machine feature plays an essential role in ensuring its durability and smooth operations. Furthermore, the materials used to make it also plays a critical role in encouraging durability.

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