What makes your fulfilment centre location essential?

by Josefa Reed

There’s always an extensive array of containers goods leaving the shores of China for the US. China is responsible for lots of products being used in many parts of the world. Asides the fact that these products are quality, China goods also offer good return value. The biggest headache for most people who are looking to sell their goods from china remains order fulfillment. There’s so much fuss about the fulfillment center location to use for storing and delivering these goods.

You must have been convinced at some point that it’s preferable to have your fulfillment done in China. Others will argue that having the fulfillment order done in the USA remains the most worthwhile option. It’s not enough to pick one of these options as there are many variables to be considered before arriving at the answer. This article looks to provide adequate details regarding deciding on the best fulfillment centre location for you.

The selling point of each fulfillment option

Fulfillment orders in China: This option allows you to send your products to china’s fulfillment centre for packaging and forwarding. The goods are stored in the warehouse in China, where they are sorted, inspected, and subsequently packed for shipping. This option allows you to monitor the progress of the shipment via a tracking detail that’s immediately attached to it. Also, using a fulfillment centre in China for your orders is relatively cheaper. One of the most significant selling points of this option remains the fact that it allows you to choose from an array of shipping options.

Fulfillment of orders in the US: This happens when your goods are sent to the US’s fulfillment centre for storage and processing. The good thing about this option is that it allows you to get goods to your clients in record time. Unlike the China fulfillment option where your goods have to go through customs and other delays, there’s no such thing when you use the US fulfillment centre. This could come handy during flash sales and other shopping fiestas when your goods are in high demand.

Factors to consider in picking fulfillment centre location

Size of good: It’s not entirely surprising that your goods’ size plays an essential role in your choice of fulfillment centre location. If you’re looking to ship bulky goods, it’s always advisable to use a warehouse that’s close to your clients. You are bound to pay more for the extra weight when you ship via China. On the flipside, portable goods with fixed value can be processed via China fulfillment centres as you won’t have to pay extra charges.

Delivery Timing: If you desire to have your goods delivered within the peak period, your best bet is the global fulfillment option. An excellent way to keep up with orders in peak season is to make the most of both options. You’d do well to send goods to the US’s fulfillment location some months before the peak period. The fulfillment centre in China continues to deliver every other day.

Final Thought

There’s so much that’s involved in order fulfillment, but the order fulfillment location is pivotal to your business’s growth. This article looks at all of the available options as well as their selling points.

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