when using your vibratory finishing machine

by Josefa Reed

What is a vibratory finishing machine? Vibratory finishing machines are efficient mass finishing technologies. Vibratory machines use chemical processes for radiusing, polishing, and degreasing mass-produced parts. These machines also clean and brighten several small work pieces at the same time.

When using your newly acquired vibratory finishing machine, there are a lot of small but very important rules that are overlooked. These rules must be followed. If you want to maximize the lifespan of your machine or you want to be certain that you are getting the highest quality for your machine, proper care, attention, and usage is required.

This article discusses the things you should avoid when you are using your vibratory finishing machine and this would help you get the most out of your new machine.

4 things you should avoid when using your vibratory finishing machine

Avoid using the wrong media for your application.

If your application requires deburring, make use of ceramic media because of its abrasiveness so that you can achieve the result you require. Using different media with different qualities would not give what you want. If you also require finishing with a lower and finer RA, plastic media work just fine. If you need to soften and brighten hard edges, steel media is recommended. Make sure you get the right media for your application to get a desirable result.

Avoid using worn media and always change it.

The media is that tool in the vibratory machine that performs the work and helps to increase the surface quality of the gears. Worn media occurs when there is an improper roll in the insides of a machine and this can reduce the process volume excessively. If you find out that your parts are not rolling in well, it is mostly caused by worn media and it should be changed as soon as possible. Do not continue using a worn media to save money because it causes inefficiency and it would not give you your desired result.

Never forget the regular maintenance of your machine.

Just as your vehicle requires regular maintenance, your vibratory machine also does. At times, there might be a problem with the drainage of the machine. When this happens, the machine is probably clogged with debris and so proper cleaning is important. Each hole should be cleaned properly for better fluid drainage. If possible, replace it with new tubing. Every 1000 operating hours, an oil change is required and grease lubrication to each drive bearing housing every 20-40 hours.

Avoid using isolation pads in your vibratory finisher.

Isolation pads are indeed quite beneficial to machine equipment, however, there is a disadvantage. They create a weak spot that would dampen the vibrator finishing machine and this would result in dissipation. This would cause more vibration than necessary to the base of the finisher leading to undue wear and tear that would possibly shorten the lifespan of the machine.


So there it is! By avoiding these mistakes, you should be perfectly good to go. The possibilities open to you are simple endless.

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