Points to Look Out for When Choosing Transformer Oil Purifiers

by Josefa Reed

A transformer oil purifier is a piece of mechanical equipment used to improve the state of the transformer or insulating oil. Various processes such as vacuuming, degassing, and filtration are used since the oil is usually high in impurities, causing it to deteriorate slowly. It is evident when the oil changes from being light yellow and transparent to deep and dark yellow due to its age. The transformer purifies have evolved over the years, making them more efficient. In this extract, we discuss ways of choosing the best transformer oil purifier.

How to Choose the Best Transformer Oil Purifier

The oil purifier machines are plenty and of varying types. Each device is unique in its way, and it’s up to you to select what suits you based on your preferences. Choosing a machine that is both functional and practical is quite a bonus.

1. Price

It is the most common factor to consider when buying any item. Most people have set budgets to avoid breaking the bank and spending just enough to acquire the equipment and keep it running. When looking for a transformer oil purifier, choose the type that falls under your price range or have the option of hiring if your budget is too low. Most companies dealing with oil purification allow the renting of their machines. You can still fulfill your tasks without owning the equipment and save money you would have spent to buy and maintain it over the years.

2. Environment

Your working area should guide you on the type of oil purifier to get. For indoor purposes, the machine must be designed to allow maneuvering on a flat surface. A skid-mounted purifier with housing is a suitable choice, but you can opt not to have the housing.

In an acidic or alkaline area where the machine is prone to corrosion, a stainless steel layer must be used as a fabrication to protect the metal. For outdoor use, be keen on weather elements that can destroy the equipment. A weather-proof canopy or housing is a must-have to protect it from direct sunlight, rain, snow etc. Consider one with rollers for more effortless mobility on the uneven ground.

3. Processing Time and Capacity

Transformer oil purifiers have different processing rates based on the amount of oil needed to be treated. Some take longer while others shorter periods, but the ideal processing time treats a single oil container in two passes within 8 hours. Those with a high processing capacity can remove high levels of water and moisture content efficiently.

4. Level of Oil Impurities

The primary purpose of this machine is to purify the transformer oil and make it good as new. The oil is usually high in acids and by-products of oxidation. Buy a machine with columns to regenerate the oil that can be filled with adsorbent clay for purification purposes.


Transformer oil needs a lot of purification to eliminate unwanted components, making it safe for use. The purifier machine is a significant piece of equipment in the process, and buying one must be carefully done to ensure all your needs are met. Choose based on your purpose and the efficiency of the machine.

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